Green Space: Seeding Change at UTM

March 8, 2019

Held in the CCT Atrium on the University of Mississauga campus, the 2018/2019 Greenwood team hosted our event, Green Space: Seeding Change at UTM, an environmental fair showcasing a number of environmental initiatives available to students on campus. Our goal of creating conversation around the global climate crisis, all while educating the UTM student body on what we can do on campus to live more sustainably was supplemented by partnerships with Free the Children at UTM, Zero Waste UTM and The Riverwood Conservancy. Activities at this event included a clothing swap, opportunity to purchase sustainable goods and a campus sustainability-themed scavenger hosted on our Instagram.

Scavenger Hunt

Using the story feature on Instagram, Greenwood asked questions regarding sustainability at the UTM campus. Those who correctly answered each question first were given a prize of a bamoboo cutlery set.

1. Send us a photo of one of the two greenhouses on campus.
   The two greenhouse locations were: the parking lot beside HMALC and on the 5th floor rooftop of the Davis building. More information on these greenhouses can be found here.

2. Where can you find new beehives on the UTM campus?
   They can be found on the rooftop of the Instructional Centre (IB).

3. How many places can you recycle e-waste on campus?
   There are a total of 17 e-waste bins on the UTM camous. The locations can be found here.

4. How many water bottle refill stations are there on campus?
   There are a total of 8 water bottle refill stations on campus (as of March 2019).