At Home, Yourself

Katy Poirier, collaged paper on MDF board, 10 cm x 10 cm, 2020

This artwork is a small collage photographed on April 13th while working from home to complete final coursework and assignments. The transition from seeing a group of peers daily to the isolation of my home is explored in this artwork. A black-and-white reproduction of a childhood photo is the focal point of this work. Torn edges create an ambiguous rift between two spaces in the composition, signifying the disconnect between past and present, as well as between norms of pre- and post-COVID-19 outbreak life. The internet creates the ability to speak to anyone without leaving the confines of one’s room, and while surrounded by the infinite space of the Internet, I spent the first part of quarantine feeling oddly lonely due to the transitioning of physical connections into digital ones.

Katy Poirier is a fourth-year Visual Arts student at Lakehead University. Taking inspiration from North Western Ontario’s aesthetics and culture, she focuses on concepts of self-reflection and memory.
In her drawing practice, Katy has experimented with fumage, as well as crafting her own drawing tools and materials. She holds an acute interest in abandoned items that have been reclaimed by nature and memories almost forgotten.