Manufactured Nature

IvanovStoeva, installation, 213 cm x 254 cm x 10 cm, 2019

For Manufactured Nature, the aim is to recreate a skyscape. The project considers visual, perceptual and conceptual systems as constructions of new realities. From the usage of different second-hand manufactured components, we engineer a cybernetic utopian landscape where nature is shaped through mechanical means. What are the implications of constructing nature through technology, and what does that reveal about our relationship to said nature?

We are interested in “new nature,” a potential future for our environment, heavily altered by human activity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were, and still are, deprived of social contact and privileged with a connection to nature. This period has the potential to change our perception regarding the values of our lives. As we progress in an era of automatization with robotic advancements gaining increasing autonomy, humans arguably lose their grip on the ambiguity of our essence and existence—these very complexities are key to humanity’s unique position in the world. By mechanically constructing an image of nature, we underline the tensions at play in systems that govern human emotion, aesthetics, and relationships with the natural world.

IvanovStoeva became a duo venture in 2010 after several collaborative projects in Canada and Europe. They have presented their work in solo and group exhibitions and have been part of major art events such as The ELEKTRA International Digital Art Festival and Art Souterrain - Contemporary Art Festival in Montreal. Their research has been supported by many awards and fellowships such as the Peter N. Thomson Family Field School Award, Japan, 2019; a Research and Creation grant, Hexagram, 2019; an FRQSC, Fonds de recherche du Québec, research grant 2018-2019; a FOFA award for excellent achievement in visual art, Concordia University, 2017; a GSAAC award for excellent achievement in visual art, Concordia University, 2017; and a Dora and Avi Morrow Fellowship for excellent achievement in visual art, 2017.