Electrical Gardens 

Emily Roe, mixed media triptych, 20 cm x 20 cm each, 2020
Today, society is in the middle of a transformative process. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying quarantine, my personal life remains still. My social, work, and school life have been compacted into my bedroom. The internet has become the dominant source for all my connections in life. In some instances, the internet can submerge me into a fictional reality, and in others, I am completely saturated in today’s newest problem. My dependence on the internet, and more specifically social media, has increased considerably, consuming most of my leisure time.

My goal in Electric Gardens is to create a visual environment exhibiting my personal relationship with technology. I use the power cable to represent electricity. The cables have significance in the triptych as they are the only light source in the composition. The location of a garden also holds significance to me, as I create the space as a reminder that the natural environment is the origin of most of our technological advances.

Now more than ever, we fully depend on the power of electricity to provide us comfort, as well as to act as an entry into the digital world.

Emily Roe is an artist from Windsor, Ontario with an evolving practice. In 2021, she will graduate from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Honours program. Throughout her education she has been involved as a Teaching Assistant, Digital Print Lab Manager, and Student Assistant. Her work and school experience have helped her refine her art career. By applying what she has learned, Roe predominantly creates art with mixed media techniques. She is proficient in photography, painting, colour theory, Photoshop, and often likes to combine these practices.